Why Choose Leatherwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry?

AtLeatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide extensive dental services to meet all of our patient’s needs. Dr. Samantha Leatherwood is the lead dentist of our team. She helps patients receive professional dental care in her Denton, TX dental office. Dr. Leatherwood is dedicated to maintaining her patient’s oral health so they can also maintain their overall health. She knows that oral health and overall health are linked, and proper dental treatment overseen by a professional ensures the best results.

Dental Care in Denton, Texas

Comfortable, Professional Dental Care

Dr. Leatherwood and her team take a comprehensive approach to treatment. They take each patient’s goals, current oral health needs, and medical and dental history into account. Using these factors, they are able to create customized, comfortable treatment. For the comfort of our patients, we also offer dental sedation. Sedation is a safe treatment method that we use to provide painless dental care. Patients who have dental fear or anxiety can receive treatment with the aid of sedation.

Patient Reviews

“I was very pleased to find the Leatherwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry not far from where I live. Everyone is pleasant, helpful, and good at what they do. They took pains to deal with an old, debilitated man. Dr. Leatherwood did exactly what I asked her to do which has not been my experience with visits to two other dentists in town. She referred me to my oral surgeon that day and arrangements were made for extractions. This is excellent service. I have found my dentist.”

-Granville S.


“Dr. Leatherwood and the ENTIRE staff that in her office are AMAZING!!! It is truly a small town dental office experience located in a not so small city. Everyone there knows me by name, remembers personal details about me and my family, and asks genuine questions about their well-being.

The customer service is beyond phenomenal but it pales in comparison to the top-notch dental work they provide. On top of being extremely talented, they do not push or guilt you into getting dental work that is unnecessary. However they not only catch the work you NEED but they take the time to educate you on WHAT it is you need, and more importantly WHY you need it. Unlike those big evil corporate dental mega practices where I was just a nameless face, at Leatherwood Dental I and treated like family.”

-Joshua L.


“Dr. Leatherwood has taken care of my dental needs for years. She and her staff are professional warm and friendly. I have total confidence when I go to their office that I get the best possible care. I highly recommend Dr. Leatherwood.”

-Terri M.


“I was going to wait after all my procedures were done before I made a comment but in the hopes, someone is looking for a dentist this is the best I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot of dentists. The staff and Dr. Leatherwood have been the nicest, most pleasant to deal with. They explain everything, answer all my questions, even the most simple ones. I will not see another dentist again, only Dr. Leatherwood.”

-Lisa B.

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