Using Your Teeth as Tools

Our teeth are incredibly important to our health and our daily routines. While we may not think about it, our teeth perform functions that keep us happy and healthy. Smiling, eating, and speaking would be difficult or even impossible without your teeth. Our teeth are tools that allow us to live and thrive. 

However, it is easy to misuse tools, especially when it makes something more convenient. Even with power tools or household tools, misuse can lead to disaster. For example, using a hammer to remove a nail can result in a large hole in your wall. Likewise, if you misuse your teeth, it can result in several painful issues. 

smile with a chipped tooth teeth as tools dentist in Denton Texas

Opening Packages

Most likely, many of us are guilty of using our teeth to open packages. From thin plastic wrapping to shopping tags, our teeth have been a quick way to get rid of external packaging. However, using your teeth to open packages can cause damage to your teeth or gums. 

Any time you use your teeth to open packages, you risk chipping or breaking your teeth. This is because you place unnatural pressure on parts of teeth that shouldn’t experience it. For example, you may use your incisors or front teeth to open a plastic package. Unfortunately, you should only use your incisors to slice into food rather than break into plastic. 

Another potential hazard with opening packages with your teeth involves your gums. If you try to get into a package with your teeth, the hard plastic could cut your gums. Because your mouth is full of bacteria, you run the risk of developing an infection

Holding Items

It can be tempting to use your mouth to hold things if you run out of hands. For example: if you need to have easy access to your keys while you bring in your groceries, you may put your keys in your mouth. Although you may not damage your teeth every single time, a key may hit your tooth and create a crack.

Additionally, you run the risk of a key or key chain scratching your gums or other soft tissues. Any scratch in your mouth can cause an infection.

Another important thing to remember is that your keys and other objects are full of germs. Your keys touch many surfaces that can harbor harmful bacteria. When you put them in your mouth, you transfer that bacteria into your mouth. Unfortunately, you can get sick from this. 

Chewing Non-Food Items

Sometimes, we may absent-mindedly put a pen or pencil in our mouths while we are working. However, chewing on a pen can chip or break your teeth. When you have a cracked or broken tooth, you have to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. A fractured tooth can cause significant pain as well as increase your chances of developing an infection.