Teeth Bonding Denton, TX

Dental bonding uses soft composite resin to fix minor chips or cracks on teeth. The composite resin is pliable and can be molded and polished to match the look of a natural tooth. Tooth bonding is best for minor cosmetic dental concerns, including small gaps between teeth or single discolored teeth. Dr. Samantha Leatherwood offers teeth bonding to patients in her Denton, TX office. She consults patients on their dental concerns and uses their budget and goals to find the best cosmetic solution possible.

Tooth Bonding in Denton, Texas

Dental Bonding Treatment

Tooth bonding material can be color-matched to teeth for a natural look. Dental bonding may also be used on worn teeth to build up the dental structure. Patients who are just beginning to try cosmetic dental treatments or have minor tooth repairs benefit from dental bonding treatment. In addition, tooth bonding is a more economical option than similar treatments such as porcelain veneers.

To begin dental bonding treatment, Dr. Leatherwood will prepare the tooth or teeth receiving treatment by removing a small amount of tooth enamel. Then, she shapes and molds the biocomposite material onto the tooth. Once the bonding material is the right color, shape, and size, Dr. Leatherwood uses light and heat to cure the biocompatible material. She will also ensure that the bonded teeth feel natural and comfortable on the teeth.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

It is important to be gentle with your teeth after dental bonding treatment. Bonding can chip, so it is very important to avoid nail-biting, chewing on ice and other hard food or objects, and using your teeth to open things. For the first two days after your dental bonding treatment, avoid drinking tea, coffee, or other beverages and foods that can stain the bonding material. Finally, scheduling regular dental appointments can help maintain the results of bonding treatment.

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