General Dentistry Denton TX

Are you looking for an exceptional dental care experience? Do you have a dental problem that requires immediate treatment?

Dr. Samantha Leatherwood is a general dentist in Denton, TX who provides a comprehensive list of dental services that improve the health, function, and beauty of the natural smile.

Alongside our professional dental care team, Dr. Leatherwood helps patients educate themselves on how to care for their smiles and reduce the risk of developing common or complex oral health problems. Educating patients and providing personalized dental care are key to ensuring proper dental development and lasting oral health for patients of all ages.

General Dentistry

Dr. Leatherwood and her team can inspect the mouth and take x-rays of the teeth and gums to find signs of developing problems. Diagnosing these problems in their earliest stages give patients the chance to restore their oral health. Our goal is to give our patients the right treatments that help them maintain their smiles.

Sports Mouthguards

Custom sports mouthguards are best suited for patients who participate in high-contact sports like football, soccer, or lacrosse. Mouthguards protect the teeth and gums from damage, injury, or loss.

Emergency Dentistry

Call our office in the event of a dental emergency, we are here to help you. Common dental emergencies that we treat include toothaches, lost teeth, excessive bleeding, or broken restorations. Our team will ensure that you are seen as soon as possible. Treating emergencies as soon as possible can prevent further complications.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Leatherwood is a family dentist that sees patients of all ages. Along with her professional dental team, Dr. Leatherwood can educate younger patients and their parents on the best methods of caring for their smiles. along with family dentistry services, our office also offers restorative and cosmetic treatments that replace missing teeth, address tooth damage, and brighten the smile.

Laser Dentistry

We use dental lasers to remove mouth sores and treat gum disease. Dental lasers offer a comfortable and quick treatment method that does not require sutures, intensive care, or long downtime. Laser dentistry promotes tissue regeneration, reduces the risk of infection, and minimizes bleeding and swelling.

Dental Sedation

We offer nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and oral conscious sedation to ensure that our patients feel comfortable during procedures. Sedation dentistry is also a great option for patients who have dental fear or anxiety. Your dentist will also use dental sedation during surgical or complex treatments that are longer or more intensive. Sedation relaxes patients and can cause anterograde amnesia, which means patients will not remember their treatment.

General Dental FAQs

Learn answers to commonly asked questions about general dentistry below:

When should I schedule my child’s first dental visit?

We recommend that parents schedule their child’s first visit to our office after their first teeth emerge. The best time for their primary dental visit is around the age of one or six months after their first tooth erupts. Our friendly dental team will examine their teeth and gums and give parents tips on how to care for their child’s smile.

Do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

A dentist will suggest removing your wisdom teeth if they are causing problems. Wisdom teeth can become stuck below the gum line. This will cause them to emerge improperly. This can lead to crooked teeth, overcrowding, or gum and tooth infection. We will take x-rays to determine if your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth often experience pain and sensitivity in the back of the mouth.

When should I replace my sports mouthguard?

Sports mouthguards should typically be replaced every six months or every season. As players bite down on their mouthguards, they can lose their thickness over time. Wearing down the plastic of a mouthguard makes it less effective. Thin mouthguards do not offer proper protection to the teeth.

What causes cavities?

The cause of dental cavities is improper oral hygiene. When you fail to brush your teeth regularly, plaque is left behind to cause damage. First, tiny holes will appear from the decay. Without treatment, the decay will do more damage leaving a larger hole. To avoid this, simply brush and floss every single day and visit your dentist twice a year.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that your dentist will paint onto your back molars. The dentist will recommend it for young adults once their molars erupt. They provide an extra layer of protection to protect the teeth from decay.

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