Emergency Dentist Denton, TX

In the event of a dental emergency, call Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at 940.398.0181.

Dental emergencies are a general dental problem that often occurs when you least expect them. They can also be a hassle to deal with. Dr. Samantha Leatherwood and her experienced dental team are here to help. Contacting the dentist as soon as possible can prevent further tooth damage, and even save a tooth.

To help prevent dental emergencies, we encourage patients to visit our office bi-annually for routine dental care. Our hygienists and dentists can identify signs of developing oral health problems before they worsen. Catching these signs early on can reduce the risk of a dental emergency. Wearing protective sports mouthguards, not biting into hard candy or ice, and proper oral hygiene are common preventative measures against common and complex dental problems.

Emergency Dentist in Denton, Texas

Common Dental Emergencies

We understand that dental emergencies can sometimes be sudden and surprising. Emergency dentist Dr. Leatherwood sees patients with tooth pain, infections, stuck objects, bleeding, and broken restorations in her Denton, TX office. Below you can learn how to deal with these emergencies when they happen so you are better prepared in the event that they do occur.

Tooth Pain

Sudden or consistent tooth pain should be taken seriously as it may be caused by tooth decay or gum disease. Even if the pain subsides, the cause of your pain is still there. Our team can help alleviate your pain and find the source. Contact our office if you have been dealing with chronic tooth pain or have sudden pain.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If a permanent tooth has just been knocked out, try to recover the tooth. Lift the tooth by the crown and avoid touching the roots. You may transport the tooth to our office in a cup of milk or water so it remains moist. We will try to reattach the tooth. However, if it cannot be reattached we can replace it with a durable dental implant.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis or gum inflammation. Gingivitis is not a dental emergency, but sudden or persistent bleeding of the gums can be a problem. Call us immediately if you experience excessive bleeding, especially if you have just undergone a dental procedure.

Broken Dental Restorations

If your dental restoration breaks or falls out, we can help replace it in our Denton office. Sometimes crowns, bridges, or dentures cannot be easily reattached. We will work with you to find the best option for your new restoration.

Object Stuck Between Teeth

Objects stuck between the teeth can be a nuisance but may also cause tooth and gum pain. Gently floss between the teeth to see if you can dislodge the object. Do not use any sharp objects. Contact us if you cannot remove the object and we will safely remove it for you.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

Should I got to an emergency room if I’m having dental problems?

In most emergency dental situations, you probably should not go to an emergency room. ER personnel do not practice dentistry and therefore will not be able to help you. Most of the time, the only thing they can do to help you is prescribe pain medication. However, if you are bleeding anywhere in your mouth and it will not stop, please visit the ER for help.

How do I remove something stuck in my teeth?

Your best option is to try dental floss. Place it between your teeth and gently move it up and down and side to side. It may take a while to work the piece of food loose. Never use anything sharp that could result in a laceration. Finally, if you cannot get it unstuck, please call us and we will help.

Is a toothache a dental emergency?

It depends on what is causing the toothache. In some cases a toothache will resolve on it’s own. However, there are cases when the toothache was just the beginning of an infection or tooth abscess. If your toothache does not go away on its own, please contact us as soon as possible for treatment.

What should I do if my dental filling falls out?

If your dental filling falls out, it is important to contact us as soon as possible. If left like that for too long, the tooth can become damaged. Until your dentist appointment, please keep the tooth as clean as possible to avoid further complications.

If you do not require immediate dental care, you can request a consultation with us on our website. Call Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at 940.398.0181