Your outlook can seem bleak when you’re faced with the need to pick which tooth replacement option is the right one for you. Dr. Leatherwood can help you during this stressful time. She’s compassionate and gentle with patients, especially ones approaching this point in their life.

You won’t have to feel embarrassed with the others at our office either; the whole staff at Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is nonjudgmental. We fit and order secure dentures and partials for our patients every day, so we’ll be able to order a set that’s customized to your needs.

There was a time when dentures and partial dentures weren’t well-fitted to the person wearing them, but that’s no longer the case! Which advancements in dental technology, more and more patients find dentures and partials to be a viable option for their needs. Dr. Leatherwood will take detailed notes during your initial examination so she can send them to the certified ceramist who will handcraft your tooth replacement. By being created specifically for your needs, dentures can provide the support and secure fit you’re searching for.


Dentures can prevent your face from taking on a drastically older appearance. When you lose a large amount of teeth, whether it’s due to natural causes or from full-mouth extraction, your cheeks begin to droop inward and sag. This is because the muscles in your face no longer have the structural support they gain from teeth. Dentures and partials from

Dentures are a great solution for patients who need to replace all of the teeth along the upper, lower, or both gumlines. Partials, or partial dentures, are available if you have one to three teeth missing in a row. Dentures are held in place by suction, and a little dental adhesive, whereas partials are clipped to the teeth on either side of the missing teeth space. Both types of dentures are removable to make them easier to clean. Just take them out of your mouth, brush them gently with a toothbrush and soak them overnight in a glass of water. For a deeper clean, add a denture-cleaning tablet to the cup.


Dental implants are used to fill in the gap, or gaps, created by missing teeth. If you’re missing a tooth, it’s important to have Dr. Leatherwood take a look at the problem. Your other teeth will begin to shift to fill the hole, which will change your bite and can increase your chances of other oral damage. Dental implants are a two-step process. Dr. Leatherwood will refer you to a great oral surgeon who will perform the first step and place a titanium rod into your jawbone. Once you’re ready for the next part of the procedure, Dr. Leatherwood will attach an abutment to your dental implant. After the abutment is in place, our staff can connect your handcrafted crown to complete your treatment. No one will have to know about your former tooth trauma, thanks to the dental implant restoration offered from the team at Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.


If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, you’re probably feeling self-conscious about the holes in your smile. Dentures, partial dentures, and bridges aren’t your only tooth replacement options in this day and age. Dental implants are restorations that offer the support, feel and function of natural teeth. You can work with Dr. Leatherwood to plan your smile solution today.

After you lose a tooth, more problems can be created from the response of your oral cavity. When a tooth is lost for any reason, the nerves within the empty socket along your gumline send a signal to your jawbone that it’s no longer needed. Your bone will begin to deteriorate and your gums can even recede just because there’s no longer anything to support in that spot, at therefore, your gums and bone no longer have a purpose. Don’t let your oral health be compromised when Dr. Leatherwood has dental implant restoration available to help counteract these effects!