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If you need a quality dentist in Argyle, TX, Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry’s door is open for you. We’re a dentist office in Denton, TX, proud to provide outstanding dental care to Denton and the surrounding communities. Dr. Samantha Leatherwood builds relationships with her clients and provides a unique level of in argyle, texas

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Leatherwood was born and raised in Denton. Her goal with her practice is to give back to the local community she grew up in. Her office is right down the road from where she went to school, and she counts former teachers as patients. She knew she wanted to return to the area after schooling and open a practice.

For schooling, she took on different environments to broaden her horizons while honing her dental skills. She attended college at Boston University before heading to Los Angeles to participate in a general practice residency. She brings the skills she learned at both places to the patients in her dental practice.

Her focus is compassionate dental care. She invests in her patients, wanting to contribute to their oral and overall wellness. Her favorite part of dentistry is building relationships with the patients that come to her. There’s nothing better than being able to change and improve someone’s life by giving them back their smile.

Laser Dental Technology

Laser dentistry is one of the best developments in dental technology. It performs treatment on the soft tissues of your mouth, replacing the need for scalpels and surgery in some instances. At our office, we remove sores and lesions with the laser. We can also perform periodontal therapy for patients suffering from gum disease.

Lasers carry many benefits over the traditional methods of treatment for these cases. They sterilize the areas they treat, making you less likely to suffer from infection post-treatment. You experience less pain – many patients can get laser treatment without local anesthetic or sedation.

Because the dentist isn’t using a scalpel, you have less bleeding, don’t need sutures, and have less downtime after the procedure. The head of the laser allows us to be extremely precise and only treat the area that needs it. The heat from the laser promotes healing and regeneration, rejuvenating the area after performing the treatment.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Many patients suffer from a fear of the dentist. The fear ranges on a spectrum for patients. Some may only get nervous with certain sounds or equipment. Others may not to even be able to come into the office. If you cannot get the care you need because of your dental anxiety, it can lead to further problems with your oral health.

Our office provides sedation dentistry in multiple forms for fearful patients. You breathe nitrous oxide through the nose, and it takes effect and dissipates very quickly. Oral sedation involves taking a pill before your appointment, putting you into a relaxed state. IV sedation is the deepest form, and you’ll remember little to none of the procedure.

Sedation keeps patients relaxed enough to get the treatment they need. It also allows us to perform extensive restorative work if you’ve put off care for a long time. These kinds of procedures can take a long time.

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