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If you need a dentist in Aubrey, TX, Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is welcoming patients from the surrounding communities seeking quality dental care. Located in Denton, TX, our dental care team is committed to creating relationships with patients and providing personalized dental care in aubrey, tx

Age-Specific Dental Care

The same dental problems don’t plague toddlers and seniors equally. Different generations experience different oral health care problems. For children, tooth decay is the biggest culprit. Children have diets high in sugar and don’t have the best dexterity for brushing their teeth. We teach them the correct brushing method and advise them on a diet. Dental sealants may also provide an extra layer of protection from bacteria.

In the late teens and early twenties, wisdom teeth erupt. Usually, our mouths are too small for the extra set of molars. They can move the teeth, causing overcrowding and crookedness in the smile. We monitor the status of wisdom teeth and advise extraction when necessary. Treatment options like Invisalign can help straighten out your smile if they cause problems.

As we age, the years take their toll on our teeth and the rest of our bodies. Seniors are more likely to suffer from missing teeth. Our office offers a variety of different solutions to replace missing teeth. We recommend dental implants whenever possible. They’re the gold standard of tooth replacement.

A Unique Approach to Treatment

Especially at corporate dental practices, it’s easy to feel like you’re just another number instead of a valued patient. At Leatherwood, we strive to be the complete opposite type of practice. We get to know our patients personally and enjoy it when they come into the office. We want our office to be a warm environment where you feel welcome.

You should be greeted equally when you’re just coming in for a checkup or getting extensive restorative work. You’re more than just another patient to us. If you have any worries or questions, we’ll take care of those right away. The appointment is tailored to take care of all of your needs.

At our office, we provide personalized treatment for each unique patient. We understand that no mouth is exactly like another. We consider each patient’s medical history, personal goals, desires, and budget.  All these things can impact the treatments we recommend for your dental care.

Dental Implant Services

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement. Whenever possible, we recommend dental implants to our patients with missing teeth. The procedure requires you to have enough healthy bone structure to support the implant and be in good oral health. Dental implants are great for tooth replacement if you meet these requirements.

Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement that replaces the tooth root. This prevents your jawbone from deteriorating further after implant placement. It also gives you more stability than other options. You get back 100% of your bite function and don’t need suction or adhesive to keep your restoration. You can also keep your diet the same, without any changes.

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