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Dr. Samantha Leatherwood heads Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Denton, TX. But our office doesn’t only accept patients from Denton. We welcome patients from the surrounding communities to come to get first-rate dental care. If you’re looking for a dentist in Shady Shores, TX, our office is ready to help.

dentist in shady shores, texas

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Relax At Your Appointment

Typically, people don’t think of relaxation when they think about a dentist appointment. But the combination of our welcoming environment, attentive staff, and sedation dentistry offerings help to put patients at ease in our office.

Sedation is usually known as a solution for patients that are afraid of the dentist. Some patients have fear so debilitating that they can’t even walk into the office. Others just have certain sounds or procedures that trigger their anxiety. Sedation allows these patients to be able to relax and get the quality care they need to maintain their oral health.

But dental fear patients aren’t the only ones that benefit from sedation. It allows children or patients with movement disorders to get safe care. Uncontrollable movements make it hard for a dentist to perform the tasks they need to do. If you have a bad gag reflex, it helps to relax, making care more comfortable for you and the dentist.

We have multiple sedation options at our office. You breathe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) through the nose throughout your appointment. It takes effect and dissipates quickly, so you can drive yourself to and from our office.

Oral conscious sedation is given as a prescribed pill before you come into the office. The sedation is deeper, and you’ll need a driver. You’ll be awake but relaxed enough that you won’t remember parts or all of the procedure.

IV sedation is the deepest form. We coordinate with a local anesthesiologist to monitor your condition throughout the entire procedure. We normally use this for more intensive procedures or to perform multiple procedures in one office visit.

Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement solutions. We recommend them to every eligible patient. They’re the only option that replaces the tooth root and crown, giving you back 100% of your bite function. Implants are a lifetime solution, meaning that they’re permanent. You don’t need to replace or repair the restoration in the future.

With other tooth replacement solutions, the jawbone continues to deteriorate. It changes the fit of your restoration and renders it useless after a certain point. Implant posts are placed in the jawbone and spur jawbone regeneration. It stops the jawbone from deteriorating, and the bone tissue fuses with the post.

Because of this fusing process, the implant both looks and feels the most natural. Implants can support a dental crown, fixed bridge, or denture. Each of these restorations is custom-made to fit in with your smile. The size, shape, and color are matched, and the restorations are made to these specifications. No one will be able to tell that it’s an implant.

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