Denton TX Dentist Smile Gallery

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this is the power of dentistry


Barbara had the edges of her front upper teeth ground down when she was a young adult and was never happy with the way they looked. They continued to wear and deteriorate over time and her daughter mentioned to her that she never smiled anymore. We discussed options and settled on 9 upper teeth to fill out her smile from the front and side and improve function.


Cathy came in to our office because I graduated from the same school as her daughter in Denton, TX. She had old crowns in the front that and was not happy with the dark lines that had begun to show around the porcelain.
We removed the 4 front crowns and cleaned out all of the pathology with our holy triad that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. New all porcelain crowns were placed over sterilized teeth that increases the average life span of the restorations.


Chris came to my office after he had seen another dentist and was told there was nothing that could be done. He had become hopeless about his smile. We recruited an amazing surgeon to help rebuild his smile with ideal function and infection free.
Chris had a full mouth rehabilitation with 19 crowns and veneers and 5 implants. We always start a complicated case with the finish line in mind and give the patient a trial period in provisionals to make sure we nailed the esthetics and function.


David is a pastor in Denton, TX and speaks for a living. He was a little embarrassed about his smile because of fractured fillings on his front teeth. He didn’t know what was possible, because no other dentist had shared with him his options.
He had 10 upper teeth treated with veneers and crowns to give him the smile he deserves from the front and side.
He provides an amazing service for the community and it is a blessing to the entire team to see the transformation, but mainly to see him confident and with a sense of joy. No one asks where he got his veneers done; they only mention what a great smile he has! That is the power of dentistry.


Sandy is a caretaker and never prioritized herself or her health. She made a commitment to get healthier and as a physical therapist, she understands the link between oral and systemic health.
Sandy had 10 upper teeth treatment with a combination of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. We also used Invisalign for the lower teeth to straighten and correct her bite.


Wendy had medical issues that forced her to stop working and medications that damaged her teeth. At the same time, her parents also became ill and she focused her energy and attention on caring for them. She sacrificed her health to care for them and make sure they go everything they needed a long with her daughter.
Wendy had an upper and lower All-on-4 procedure performed on both upper and lower arches. Implants were placed on upper and lower jaws and we made a hybrid denture that is fixed to the implants allowing normal function and beautiful esthetics.