Dr. Leatherwood provides GLO whitening to her patients for their cosmetic dentistry needs. GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening uses controlled warming heat in a patented closed system mouthpiece to brighten and whiten your smile in only 32 minutes without sensitivity.

Our staff will work together to lift the stains on your teeth, and we’ll be attentive
during the application of your whitening treatment to safeguard your mouth from
unnecessary harm. We want you to be comfortable while we makeover your smile


When the darkness of your teeth embarrasses you and makes you unwilling to smile or laugh in public, it’s a huge emotional weight. Not grinning or laughing can also make you seem more aloof, and for most adults, that can have a negative effect on your professional life. Dr. Leatherwood office offers teeth whitening in Denton, TX if you want to increase your overall appeal and improve your self-esteem! We can help you make a better first impression with the use of in office bleaching system.


Brightening your smile isn’t as easy as it seems. Many people believe that they can achieve their optimal teeth whitening with the use of over-the-counter treatments, but it’s simply not the case. Generic teeth whitening isn’t of the same caliber as professional-grade solutions and their seemingly positive effects will fade quickly. Homemade remedies can be even worse because the ingredients usually consist of highly acidic components to eliminate stains, but they usually damage your protective shell of enamel instead. Dr. Leatherwood wants her patients to know that any acid can erode a tooth’s enamel. Bacteria can infiltrate your tooth and quickly form cavities once this layer has worn away. Our Denton dentistry staff has a preferable choice for your teeth whitening needs