If you have to choose how to replace your teeth, dental implants are the clear winner. Even though the process takes longer to complete and price tag is higher, they benefits are much greater. Dentures and dental bridges simply do not offer the same level of sophistication and natural function. Leatherwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Denton, TX discuss the benefits of dental implants below.



Dentures have a bad reputation for slipping around in patient’s mouths leading to slurred speech and mumbling. With the implants surgically inserted into the jawbone, the denture will never shift or move. You will always be able to speak normally. You will also never have to worry about it falling out.


Since an implant supported restoration is secured by the jawbone, it allows the restoration to chew food with a greater force. This will greatly expand your food choices. A denture is not as secure and comes with many food restrictions. Unfortunately, these restrictions will include many healthy foods. Dental implants will allow you to maintain a proper diet and can support a healthy lifestyle.


Dental implants will replace any number of missing teeth without affecting your remaining teeth. A dental bridge requires anchors to hold it in place. These anchors are typically the two adjacent teeth. Your dentist will need to reduce those teeth in size to make room for the bridge. A partial denture depends on remaining teeth to hold it in place. Both of tooth replacement methods will place extra strain on your teeth and even permanently damage them.


Since an implant supported dental restoration is the closest thing to natural teeth, they are the most comfortable option. The implant fixtures will act as tooth roots so the restoration has more support and stability than your other options. With dentures and bridges, the fit will change over time due to bone loss causing them feel unnatural and uncomfortable. With implants, you will never have to worry about bone loss. Your false teeth will also ways fit and will never slip around, rub your gums and make you feel embarrassed.


Even just one gap in your smile can make a person feel self-conscious. Simply replacing teeth with any restoration will help with the aesthetics however, dental implants is the only long term solution. They are the next best option after natural teeth. With dental implants, you will never have to worry about slurred speech, diet restrictions, or your dentures falling out allowing you to live a normal life. Replacing your teeth with the most realistic replacement option gives patients much higher self-esteem.


After tooth loss, your jaw bone will slowly deteriorate. This is because the roots of the teeth are gone. The roots are what supply the bone with the necessary stimulation they need to remain healthy and strong. Bone loss in the jaw can cause many issues. If there are any remaining teeth, they will begin to loosen and possibly fall out. It also causes your face to appear sunken in. Many patients with jaw bone loss appear many years older than they really are. A dental implant supported restoration replaces teeth at the root. The implant in the jaw bone will help supply the bone with the stimulation they need. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution that offers better bone retention.