Dental implants are the perfect solution to replace any number of missing teeth. However, they are also the most expensive option. At Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want the cost of treatment to be fully transparent. This highly sophisticated teeth replacement solution is very costly, however they will last longer, better support your oral health, and improve your quality of life compared to other options. We encourage you to keep these things in mind when looking at dental implants cost in Denton, TX.


There is no question that dental implants cost more than traditional dental bridges and dentures. Conventional dentures and bridges do not replace your teeth at the root. A dental implant secured restoration will replace your teeth roots and the crown portion of the teeth. This will help make your new teeth more stable and durable, almost as good as natural teeth. Because this replacement solution is so sophisticated, it involves many high quality materials and steps that dentures and bridges do not.


The best way to get an estimated cost of treatment is to book a consult and evaluation with your Denton, TX dental implant dentist. This thorough evaluation will answer many questions that your dentist needs to know in order to give you an estimated cost of treatment. They will make a custom treatment plan for you.

List of factors that will impact your implant treatment

There are many things that will impact the cost of your dental implants. This list includes:

  • Number of missing teeth
  • Location of missing teeth
  • Size of dental implants
  • Will you need any teeth extracted?
  • Do you require a bone graft?
  • Which restoration(s) will you need
  • What is the current state of your oral health
Dental implant illustration


The total cost of an implant treatment will include the implant fixtures, the abutments, the dental restoration, the surgical procedures and everything the patient needs for that, and all your visits to our Denton, TX office. To replace a single tooth with an implant secured crown, the cost is around $5,000. To replace an entire arch of teeth, you need to be prepared to spend anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Of course, the estimates can vary significantly depending on your unique needs and circumstances. Some patients treatment cost may be tens of thousands of dollars for full mouth dental implants.


Most dental insurance providers view dental implants as more of a cosmetic treatment. For this reason, most providers may only provide coverage for a portion of your treatment. For example, most dental insurance providers will cover the dental restoration (the crown, denture or bridge). We encourage you to contact your provider to discuss what they do and not offer coverage for with dental implant treatment.

The dental care team at Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will file your claim for you. We will do all we can to maximize your benefits. For your convenience, we offer many forms of payments including:

  • Cash
  • Personal Check
  • Major Credit Cards
  • HSA/FSA dollars