If have lost two or more teeth, then your dentist can replace them with a bridge secured with dental implants. This tooth replacement solution offers more benefits than a tooth supported bridge as well as a removable partial denture. Dr. Samantha Leatherwood will use an implant secured dental bridge to restore multiple missing teeth in Denton, TX for patients that qualify.


A typical bridge is made up of at least two dental crowns that are located on each of end of the bridge. In between the crowns are false teeth called pontics. The crowns and pontics are fused together to create one fixture. Your dentist will secure the bridgework in place by screwing or cementing the crowns to at least two dental implants.


The first step with any dental implant treatment is a consult and exam. Your dentist will first need to make sure you qualify for treatment. Next, your dentist or surgeon will insert at least two dental implants into your jaw bone via a surgical procedure. These will be left to heal and fuse with the surrounding bone in the jaw. In most cases, we can create a temporary dental restoration for you to wear. This is so you will not have to go without teeth during the healing phase.

Then your dentist will place abutments on the implants which are metal connector pieces that attach the implants to the bridge. We will custom make your dental bridge so that it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Your dentist will secure the dental bridge to the implants with screws or cement.


The conventional way to replace multiple missing teeth is with a dental bridge or a partial denture. Neither of these solutions will prevent bone loss in the jaw. Once a tooth is lost, bone deterioration will take place. The tooth root plays a vital role is preserving the jaw bone. An implant will actually mimic the tooth root to help keep it healthy. Other key benefits of multiple dental implants include:

  • Only fixed and permanent option
  • Very stable and durable allowing for better chewing ability
  • Prevents bone loss, preserving the facial structure and appearance
  • Much more comfortable than a tooth supported dental bridge and a removable partial denture
  • Adjacent teeth are not damaged in any way
Implant bridge


Dental implants involve many steps and visits to your dentist in Denton, TX. There is a lot of planning and diagnostics that will need to take place before treatment can even begin. The first step in the process is a surgical procedure to insert the implant fixtures into the jaw bone. With this level of sophistication and high quality materials, the price tag is also quite higher. Because the success of your implants depends on having a good amount of quality bone density, you may need to undergo a bone graft if you have any bone loss. Also, since there is surgery involved, you must be in good overall health.

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