Do you want to straighten misaligned teeth? Are you looking for professional teeth whitening treatment? 

We believe that everyone deserves a smile that looks and feels great and gives you more confidence. Leatherwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is home to a team dental professionals that provide a variety of cosmetic treatments. These treatments can address many cosmetic issues and oral health needs. We use these cosmetic dental treatments in our Denton, TX office to enhance the function of our natural smile and make it more attractive.

Our cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, dental veneers, tooth bonding, and Invisalign. They will help you attain a whiter, straighter, and beautiful smile. Dr. Leatherwood will work with you on an individual basis to identify your needs and underlying dental concerns.


Our cosmetic dental treatments can address damaged, misaligned teeth and misshapen teeth. These problems will eventually lead to more complex dental issues. If left untreated, they can compromise long-term oral health. For example, straight teeth are easier to clean while crooked teeth are more prone to tooth decay or gum disease. We use cosmetic dental procedures to address oral health problems and cosmetic concerns.


Invisalign clear aligners are a popular alternative to metal braces. They are more comfortable and may even straighten teeth faster. Metal braces are known to irritate the gums and soft tissues in the mouth. They also come with many eating restrictions. Invisalign aligners are smoother and will not irritate your gums. You can also remove them to eat, floss, and brush your teeth.


A porcelain veneer is a thin, ceramic shell that will fit right over the front side of a tooth. You can use it to cover stains or damage present on the tooth. If you are looking for a permanent solution for your cosmetic problem, a porcelain veneer is a great solution. They will last for many years and protect the tooth from further damage. A dental veneer is custom made to blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.


Dental bonding is an affordable solution that will fix any minor concerns you may have. This includes chips, cracks, or stains on your teeth. A bonding treatment involves using a pliable material that your dentist will apply directly on to the damaged portion of the tooth. Then they will mold it into the desired shape. The bonding material will color matched to blend in perfectly with the rest of your natural teeth.


Dr. Leatherwood will recommend professional teeth whitening if you have stubborn stains on your teeth or yellow teeth. It is a quick and effective treatment that will instantly brighten your smile. It is more effective than any store bought whitening product. In as little as an hour, we can brighten your teeth by up to several shades.



Cosmetic dentistry improves the look of the teeth and gums by changing the shape, size, color, or alignment of teeth. We often recommend cosmetic dental treatments after patients have undergone restorative or general dental treatments. Dr. Leatherwood and her team ensure that patients have healthy teeth and gums before brightening, straightening, or repairing teeth.


Compared to traditional orthodontics, Invisalign is often a more comfortable treatment to realign crooked teeth. Invisalign uses sets of clear aligners that you will switch out every two weeks to shift the teeth into proper alignment. For many patients, Invisalign is a gentler and more comfortable treatment for their mild to moderate orthodontic problems.


Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are similar cosmetic treatments. However, there is a significant price difference and one lasts longer than the other. Porcelain veneers may cost more upfront but will last longer than bonding. However, they require more tooth preparation. Dental bonding is best for minor chips or cracks in the tooth enamel. Tooth bonding is also a more affordable option than veneers. During your office consultation, we can help you determine the right treatment for your needs.

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