Dentures are an obvious choice if you are missing teeth. However, there are many different kinds you can choose from. Most dentists will suggest that patients choose dental implants to secure their denture. This method is better than traditional dentures because it prevents bone deterioration and holds the denture more securely in place. Leatherwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers superior restorative dental services in Denton, TX. For patients missing an entire row of teeth, we recommend denture implants over conventional dentures.


Most people know what conventional dentures are and what they look like. Dentures have been the standard tooth replacement solution for many years. They can replace the top or bottom row of teeth. Essentially, they are false teeth that are fused to an acrylic base which will match the color of your gums. Your dentist will design a denture to fit seamlessly in your mouth using measurements and impressions.

This type of denture will rely on suction and denture adhesive to remain in place. They will feel bulky at first and you will need to learn how to speak and eat with them. This can be a difficult transition for some patients. Denture wearers will have to deal with bone loss in the jaw. Without teeth roots, the surrounding bone will begin to deteriorate. This will change the fit of the denture. You will have to have it rebased and eventually replaced altogether.

Conventional dentures must be removed daily. This is to give your gums a rest and to clean them. Many patients do not like the idea of taking their teeth out. However, this does make caring for the denture much easier.

Denture Implants



A denture that snaps into place is a better solution than a conventional denture. It requires several dental implants to be inserted into the jawbone. Instead of simply resting on your gums and using suction, the denture will snap onto the implants. This will keep the denture in place so it will never shift around in your mouth. The dental implants will help prevent jawbone loss.

With this type of denture, you will have to remove it like a conventional denture daily. Most people will do this in the evening. It is very simple to snap it in and out to care for it. It will require anywhere from two up to eight dental implants. A snap-in denture is more expensive than a regular denture and the implant process takes longer to complete.


A fixed denture is the only solution that will mimic natural teeth the best. It will require about four or more dental implants on each arch. Instead of the denture resting on the gums or snapping into place, it will be permanently screwed to the implants. Only your dentist will be able to remove it. It will remain in your mouth at all times and feel, look, and function like natural teeth. Many people prefer this tooth replacement solution for this reason. It also prevents bone loss, has little to no food restrictions, and the denture will never shift or move in your mouth. Virtually all the downsides to conventional dentures are eliminated with fixed dentures.

This solution is the most expensive since it requires more dental implants. It can also take up to a year to complete due to healing time.